Ishnan and Darshan Ishnan (Purity of mind and body)

Sikhism believes in attaining holiness, purity, personal cleanliness and cleanliness of surroundings by avoiding loathsomeness, abomination, physical and emotional stress. It believes that heart and mind can not be pure without cleanliness of body. Therefore bathing and washing is an important aspect of Sikh way of life.

It is generally believed that bathing and ablution in the morning is more effective than any remedy in the world. Washing of hands is obligatory in almost all the religions both before and after partaking of food as well as at other times. Similarly, washing of hair is based on the theory to avoid stink, contamination, diseases and infections which may spread to ears, nose, eyes (cause blindness), mouth and other parts of the body.

The Sikhs are required to clean the body and mind from vices and sins. The Sikh must wash up the body, clean the mind in nectarine stream and bathe the soul in love of God to attain Him.