The Sum of £60,000 is required for completion of a new Langar hall/Conservatory, hence we appeal:

  1. Every Gursikh brother or sister to donate £100 each or £500 per family
  2. Pensioners or those on income support to donate £100 each (on installments)
  3. Business People and Persons in High posts to donate £1000 or more
  4. A Loan to the Society for £5000 free of Interest
  5. Members who have not donated for the last six years to donate £500 each

You may Donate online to the Sikh Missionary Society

or you could send a cheque payable to 'The Sikh Missionary Society' to the following address:

The Sikh Missionary Society,
10 Featherstone Road,
Southall, Middlesex
England, UK

You May also Print out a donation form which is available online, the draft is to be sent to your bank.

Hoping for your full co-operation

Guru's Servant

Hon. General Secretary