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In the Guru's footsteps

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The Clash

The Clash

The growing strength of the Guru and his Sikhs was regarded with alarm by the Moghul Emperor. He wanted to crush the power of the Sikhs for ever. So the Moghul army prepared itself for a direct blow at the Sikhs. The Emperor, Shah Jahan, wanted the Guru to stop preaching his faith to the people. He wanted to see the Guru's city of Amritsar destroyed. The Guru and his Sikhs could never allow this to happen. Both sides were preparing for a showdown.

A large army of Moghuls set out for Amritsar under Mukhlis Khan's command. When the battle started, the Sikhs fought back, determined to defeat the enemy. The fighting continued for many weeks and neither side seemed likely to win. There were many killed on both sides. A part of the city of Amritsar was sacked and looted. However, one day, in a face to face battle, Mukhlis Khan was killed and the Moghul army was scattered. Before reinforcements could come from Lahore, the Guru and his remaining Sikhs left Amritsar and went to Kartarpur. The Guru gathered more of his Sikhs and got ready to meet a second attack.

After some time, another big army was sent against the Guru under the command of Qamar Beg. A pitched battle took place between the Guru's army and that of the Moghuls near the village of Lahra. It was a very tough fight in which the Moghul commander was killed. Although the Sikhs did not win they did well and the Mogul army suffered many deaths and injuries.

Painde Khan recieves Guru Hargobind's forgivenessThe Moghuls were still determined to defeat the Guru and take him prisoner. This time the Moghul army was led by Painda Khan. Painde Khan had been in the service of he Guru for a long time, but had later left the Guru's service and joined the royal army. He said, "I know the Guru, and I have fought on his side for a long time. I can crush him if I am made the commander of the Imperial forces." The Moghul Governor agreed and Painde Khan was given the joint command of the army with Kale Khan. This time the Moghul army besieged the town of Kartarpur where the Guru was staying. Once again the Guru and the Sikhs put up a brave fight. They drove away the royal army killing both Painde Khan and Kale Khan. For ten years afterwards the Moghul army never dared to face the Guru again.

After the battle, the Guru went to Kiratpur in the Hills. There he spent the rest of his life peacefully and spread his message far and wide. The rulers of Kahlur, Kulu, Haripur, Suket and Chamba became his devoted followers and a large number of people of the hill states became his Sikhs.

"He sets up gods and goddesses at home,
He bathes them and worships them,
He offers flowers, sandal-wood and saffron,
And falls at the feet of the idol to seek favours,
But for his own food, he begs from door to door.
Bitter are the fruits of blind worship of idols;
The idol neither feeds the hungry nor saves the dying."
(Guru Granth Sahib)
"He who considers that a stone is God;
Worships in vain."
(Kabir-Guru Granth Sahib)
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