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  In the Guru's footsteps
In the Guru's footsteps
by G. S. Sidhu,
G. S. Sivia,
and Kirpal Singh
"He who looks on all men as equal is religious;
Religion consists not in wandering to tombs,
Nor to places of cremation, nor sitting in silence;
Religion consists not in wandering in foreign countries,
Nor bathing in places of pilgrimage.
Remain pure amidst the impurities of the world;
Thus shall you find the way to religion."
(The Holy Book of the Sikhs)

In the Guru's footsteps

This book includes the accounts of the Sikh teachings as taught by the Ten Guru's.


1. The Warrior Guru

2. Guru Har Gobind and the Emperor Jahangir

3. The Liberator

4. Bhai Bidhi Chand

5. The Clash

6. The Right Offering

7. Faith Moves Mountains

8. Bhai Bharu

9. Guru Har Rai

10. A Visitor from Rome

11. Ram Rai and Aurangzeb

12. Guru Har Krishan

13. Guru Ladho Re

14. Martyrdom

15. Selected Couplets of Guru Tegh Bahadur

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