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In the Guru's footsteps

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Guru Har Gobind and the Emperor Jahangir

Guru Har Gobind and the Emperor Jahangir

Guru Har Gobind began to hold Diwan (Court) twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The Sikhs used to come in large numbers. They would learn the meaning of life and true ways of living it. The Guru's Darbar (Court) looked splendid and everyone who came to see it went away greatly impressed. The Guru and the Sikhs were the friends of the people, Hindus and Moslems alike. The Sikhs called the Guru - Saccha Patishah (the True King). In spite of his great power and popularity, the Guru would not claim even an inch of land. With the help of his faithful Sikhs he had the Akal Takhat (the Throne of the Immortal) build at Amritsar. It is just opposite the Harimandir (the Golden Temple). It was here that the Guru and the Sikhs would discuss all matters concerning the Sikhs and the country and make decisions. Soon after the Guru also had a castle named Loh Garh (the fort of steel) built at Amritsar.

Emperor Jahangir did not like this policy of the Guru. He was rather suspicious, so he sent for him to come to Delhi and explain all about his ideas and intentions. When the Guru reached Delhi, the Emperor had a long meeting with him and asked a number of questions about God and kingship.

Jahangir: My friend, could you tell me the difference between the Hindu god, Parmeshar and the Moslem god, Allah?
Guru Har Gobind: I don't see any difference between the two. I see only one God. Truth is His name. He is the Creator, all merciful and the Lord of us all.
Jahangir: What do you think of our world?
Guru Har Gobind: God created it. It is He who looks after the world and He will destroy it. There are millions of worlds like ours; they surround this world on all sides. Nobody can know the exact number. The number could be given if man had the power to count them. Only the Creator knows the number of worlds and their sizes. We only need to know that our Lord is great - How great! He alone knows.
Jahangir: O Guru, tell me who are better - the Hindus or the Moslems?
Guru Har Gobind: God created light and all are born from it. We cannot say who is good and who is bad. The Creator is in the creation and the creation is in the Creator. The world goes on as the Lord wills. All the people are the sons of the same God and so they are all equal.
Jahangir: Who is a good ruler?
Guru Har Gobind: God is the only perfect ruler. His laws are just and faultless. A king must always be helpful and kind to his people. He should make sincere efforts to remove all the sufferings of his people and to look after all their needs.
Jahangir liked the Guru's ideas very much and made friends with him. The Guru became the Emperor's guest. One day, Emperor Jahangir and Guru Har Gobind were out ill the forest hunting. The Emperor was accompanied by many of his noble men. There were many more helping to drive the game animals towards the royal party. Some of the royal party were riding elephants and horses. The Emperor and a few of his body-guards were standing on the ground, suddenly, a tiger rushed forward and made horses and elephants tremble with fright. They saw it leaping straight towards the Emperor and his party. Bullets and arrows were showered from all sides but they went to right and left of the tiger. There were loud shouts of distress and screams for help from all sides.Killing a Lion The Emperor called upon the Guru to save him. The Guru at once dismounted from his horse and, with his sword and shield, ran quickly between the Emperor and the tiger. Just as the tiger was about to spring upon the Emperor. Guru Har Gobind struck it a powerful blow with his sword. The tiger fell to the ground and the Guru delivered a final blow to kill it. The Emperor and the royal party were amazed at the Guru's skill and bravery. They thanked him for his help in time of grave danger.
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