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Guru Nanak Dev
Guru Nanak (for Children)

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Honest Living

Honest Living

Guru Nanak was a great traveller. He walked thousands of miles on foot. He spent about thirty years of his life traveling. He went to the East, the South, the North and the West. He went to Ceylon and Kashmir. His friends Bala and Mardana were also with him. They traveled for a pretty long time. They would stay for the night at some village and start next morning Guru Nanak and his friends would sing hymns and the people of the village would come to hear them.

One day Guru Nanak reached Eminabad. There lived a poor carpenter. His name was Lalo. The Guru stayed with Lalo who served him with loving care. Guru Nanak enjoyed the simple food of Bhai Lalo very much. He stayed there for some days. There was also a very rich man, Malik Bhago in that village. He wanted to make a show of his money. He gave a big feast. He invited many people to this feast. Guru Nanak was also invited. But Nanak would not go. Malik Bhago came to the Guru and said, "Why don't you come to my rich feast, 0 Nanak? Am I no better than a poor carpenter?"

"No, Malik Bhago. I see no difference between man and man. I like simple food so I stayed with Bhai Lalo. If you must take me along, I am ready to go," replied Nanak.

Guru Nanak Squeezing the foodSo Guru Nanak went to the feast. He took with him some simple food from Bhai Lalo's house. When the rich food was served to all, Guru Nanak also sat down among the people. Before anybody started eating, Guru Nanak stood up. He held in one hand the simple food which he had brought from the poor man's house. In the other hand he took the rich food from the feast. All the people looked at him in surprise. He squeezed the two foods. From the poor man's food came drops of milk and from the rich man's food fell drops of blood. All the people were surprised.

Malik Bhago was very angry. He felt small. He asked Guru Nanak why he had done this magic. Guru Nanak said, "This is not magic, this is the truth. A poor man's food is clean. He works hard for it. That is why milk runs out from it. Your food is not clean. You do not get it by honest work. You are unkind to the people who work for you. You squeeze their blood. That is why blood has come out of your rich food." Malik Bhago could say nothing. He bowed before the Guru and promised to be kind to the workers and to work honestly with his own hands.

"Work harder and share with others Nanak, You will see God this way."
Guru Nanak
"The Lord knows our needs and gives, Few there are that praise His blessings, He who thanks the Lord and in His will lives, 0 Nanak, is the King of kings."
Guru Nanak
"If it please the Lord in holy water I would bathe. If it pleases Him not worthless is that pilgrimage In the whole world of ours None without actions, sees the Lord."
Guru Nanak
"Cruelty, false love, greed and anger are four streams of fire. They who fall into them are burnt, O Nanak. Only those are saved who cling to His feet."
Guru Nanak
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