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Guru Nanak Dev
Guru Nanak (for Children)

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No Hindu, and no Muslim

No Hindu, and no Muslim

Guru Nanak was always thinking about God. Neither looking after cattle nor trade interested him much. So his father was very sad. He thought of his marriage, so Nanak was married when he was 18 years old. A large number of friends and relatives were present and there were grand feasts. Everybody was happy there. Nanak's father and mother were very happy to have their daughter-in-law in the house.

Nanak and his wife lived together. They were happy. After some years they had two sons. Guru Nanak used to spend most of his time in thinking about God and helping the poor. His father thought him idle and was not happy at all. So he made a plan to send Nanak to Sultanpur.

Nanak's only sister, Bibi Nanaki, lived there. Her husband was an officer. Nanaki was very happy to see her brother at Sultanpur. After some time Nanak started work as a store keeper. He worked hard. Everybody liked him. The common people loved him. His family also joined him there. Everything looked fine and his father was happy.
Guru Nanak would spend his mornings and evenings in singing hymns. Both the Hindus and the Muslims came to him. They liked his teaching.

Nanak would get up early in the morning, go out to bathe in the river and pray to God. One day he went out to bathe in the river as usual. He did not come back. His friends went out to find him. Everybody in the house was upset. They couldn't find him anywhere.

Another day passed but still Nanak had not come back. Some people thought he must have drowned in the river. So nothing could be done. But Nanak's sister could not believe that. She was sure Nanak would come back because he still had a lot to do for all men on this earth.

At last, after three days, Guru Nanak appeared. He was sitting outside on the village common. Everybody was surprised and people ran to see him. Nanak sat alone. He was very quiet.

Nanak's wife, his parents and friends were very happy. Their eyes were wet with tears of joy. Soon there was a big crowd of people. An old man came out and asked, "Where have you been all these days, Nanak?"

"Nowhere. Here. I was with God. Now I have to do a lot of work," said Guru Nanak.

"A lot of work! For whom? For the Hindus or the Muslims?" asked the man.

"For none of them. There is no Hindu and no Muslim," replied Nanak.

"What! No Hindu and no Musalman? Aren't we Muslims? We say our Namaz (Prayer) five time a day don't we?" asked the old man angrily.

"I am afraid you are wrong. You think yourselves as Hindus and Muslims first and last. You forget that you are men first and something else. We are the sons of the one GOD. We are all brothers. So there is no Hindu and no Muslim," said Nanak.

"If you think so, are you ready to join us for prayer in the Mosque?" asked the man.

"Yes, gladly. I am always ready to pray to God," replied Nanak.

Guru Nanak having a diologue at the MosqueSo they went to the Mosque (Muslim church) and all the people went with them. In the mosque Daulat Khan, the chief of Sultanpur was also present. He was happy to see Nanak there and thought that Nanak had become a Muslim. The prayer started. All bowed and said words of prayer. But Nanak stood silent and only watched what they were doing.

After the prayer, Daulat Khan asked Nanak angrily, "Why did you not follow us in the prayer? You were simply standing and doing nothing."

"Ah, certainly I wanted to join the prayer but I found nobody in the mosque here," said Nanak.

"No, you are lying. Couldn't you see the crowd of people here?" said Daulat Khan.

"Certainly your bodies were here but your minds were far, far away. You were buying horses in Arabia far away from this prayer carpet. How then could I join you?" said Nanak with a smile.

Daulat Khan was surprised that Nanak could know what he was thinking at the time of prayer. Guru Nanak said, "Words alone do not make a prayer. A prayer should come right from the heart. I am always ready to join such a prayer." At this Daulat Khan bowed before the Guru and promised to offer his prayers from the heart. All the people there accepted the Guru's way.

"When a man wants to become a Hindu, they put a thread of cotton around his neck. But if, after this, his actions are not good, his bathing and washing are useless. The Muslims praise their own creed. "Believe in the 'Pir' or you won't see God," they say. But only a few act upon the words of the 'Pir'. Their actions will speak in God's court. Without good deeds, none will find the way. Very few speak the truth of all truths. Nanak, for them, there will be no tests."
Guru Nanak
"Castes are folly, names are folly. All creatures have one shelter, that of God. If a man calls himself good, The truth shall be known O Nanak, When his actions are accounted tor, Under the Guru's instruction Regard all men as equal, Since God's light is contained in every heart."
Guru Nanak
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