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A Spur To The Sikh Youth
A Spur To The Sikh Youth

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A Word To The Young Sikhs

A Word To The Young Sikhs

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Not to remember the past is to remain a child and not to learn from history is a tragedy. Our Gurus and innumerable Sikhs laid down their lives for upholding the universal Sikh principles and keeping alive the form and the spirit of the Khalsa. The principles do not admit changes simply because they do not suit some people, who care more for the passing fashions than for the ever-enduring inspired word of the Guru. Let us not be carried away by the prevailing wind of fashions and forget one of our basic principles of keeping the hair intact.

Remember, to Guru Gobind Singh nothing was dearer than the appearance and actions of a Sikh. That is why he modelled the Sikhs on Himself and declared, "RAHNE RAHE SOI SIKH MERA, OH SAHIB MAIN USKA CHERA" (Only him shall I call my Sikh who lives by the principles laid down for him by me. I wouldn't hesitate to accept such a Sikh as my master). Let us keep our Guru's word in our hearts and live up to his expectations.

Instead of compromising with the circumstances let us manfully face and overcome them remembering that Keshas are not superfluous. The hair signify our bond with the Guru who is the embodiment of all that is pure and good in this universe. We are the saint soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh and, like all loyal soldiers, we must unquestionably follow the Guru's command. COME, let us prove worthy of the great trust reposed in us by the Guru communicated to us in the following words -

"The sun may rise from the West, the Ganges may flow backwards;
June may experience snow, the breeze may burn the woods;
The pole star may leave its place, the deserts may become oceans;
The mountains may fly in the air, But my Khalsa shall not disobey and desert me."
Hon. Secretary,
The Sikh Missionary Society U.K.
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