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A Spur To The Sikh Youth
A Spur To The Sikh Youth
by S. Amir Singh
and S. Veer Singh

"So long as the Khalsa maintains his/her identity,
He/She shall remain imbued with my vitality."
Guru Gobind Singh

A Spur To The Sikh Youth

This book includes many answers to the questions of the Sikh Youth.



A Letter (From a Son to Father)

A Spur To The Sikh Youth

Some Independent Opinions

A Word To The Young Sikhs


Having realized the necessity of publishing something which could provide the Answers to the how and why questions of the Sikh youth in Britain about the Sikh faith, the Sikh Missionary Society approached many organizations (including the S.G.P.C. Amritsar) for finance and help. S. Amir Singh of Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha Singapore was kind enough to promise all help by way of providing information and permitting us to reproduce their writings. His words of encouragement have produced in us a momentum for which we shall always remain indebted to him as well as to Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha Singapore.

It was through the agency of Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha Singapore that we were able to get in touch with Guru Nanak Mission Patiala, who have likewise acted as catalytic agent to boost our morale and redouble our zeal and vigour. This present booklet is the publication No. 22 of the Guru Nanak Mission and we owe a debt of gratitude to the mission for permitting us to reprint it for the benefit of our brethren in the western parts of the globe.

We are also thankful to S. Veer Singh of America whose letter the Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha has very graciously sent to us for wider publication. This letter was first published in 'The Sikh Review Calcutta' and later duplicated and distributed by the Sat Sag Sabha in Malaya.

In the end I wish to thank the munificent Sikh Sangat who have provided us with the funds required to publish this and other booklets which may follow.

Hon. General Secretary,
Sikh Missionary Society U.K.
10, Featherstone Road,
Southall, Middlesex UB2 5AA

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