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A Sikh with Turban
The Turban Victory
compiled by Sydney Bidwell MP (Ealing - Southall)


"Let Living in His Presence,
With the Mind Rid of Impurities,
Be your Disciple.
Keep the God given Form Intact,
With a Turban donned on your Head."
(The Holy Book of the Sikhs)


This book includes the full account on how the Sikhs were made to be exempt from wearing motor cycle crash helmets.

House of Commons

An extra word from Sydney (Singh) Bidwell M.P.

I am delighted to consent to the printing of a second edition to the book I compiled several years ago called The Turban Victory.

I am sure it will be widely welcomed and should sell easily as a unique piece of Parliamentary history as much as it is a mark of British toleration and friendship towards Sikhs. In these difficult times it should help to achieve understanding in the U. K. and knowledge of the dignity and integrity of the Sikh religion.

I pay my tribute to my close friend Mr. Gurbachan Singh Rajasansir whose persistence helped to bring the book to publication and success. Because of my special regard for him I presented him with my oil painting of the Golden Temple of Amritsar which I have visited several times and where I received a sword of honour with my name inscribed on the blade.




The House of Commons

Second Reading at The House of Lords

Third Reading at The House of Lords

Motor-Cycle Crash Helmets (Religious Exemption) Act 1976


The Sikh Missionary Society, U.K. is deeply indebted to Mr. Sydney Bidwell MP (Ealing-Southall) for giving his consent to the printing of the book 'The Turban Victory' compiled by him over a decade ago.

It was in 1974 that the Sikh Missionary Society approached Mr. Bidwell to expound the just cause of the Sikhs for exemption from the wearing of motor-cycle helmets. Once he was convinced that the Sikhs had a special case for exemption, Mr Bidwell championed the cause like a crusader sure of the victory. His compact exposition of the case in a manner so as to become intelligible to those not acquainted with the Sikh religion called forth a prolonged effort through the various stages of the bill. Mr. Bidwell's determined and concerted efforts pursued with patience, humility and dignity were crowned with success and won the gratitude of the Sikhs.

Now that fresh attempts are being made to make compulsory the wearing of helmets for workers including Sikhs engaged in building industry, the Sikh Missionary Society has forcefully reiterated its opposition to such a move pointing out to the Health and Safety Commission that turban is a religious sanctity for the Sikhs which cannot be infringed. Such a move is to put the clock back in view of the citation on page 19 of this book about the turban wearing Sikhs engaged in the building work of the car park at Westminster while other workers were wearing industrial head gear. In the context of foretellings of Mr. Bidwell, it will be futile to include Sikhs in building industry to wear helmets, which the authorities will do well to beware.

The Sikh Missionary Society has decided to print the second edition of this book in pursuance of its objective of bringing out literature to enlighten the people of other faiths about the Sikh religion and its traditions while spreading the message of truth, loveand toleration as preached by the Sikh Gurus.

T.S. Manget
Hon. Gen. Secretary
June, 1987
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