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The Teachings of Guru Amardas Ji
The Teachings of Guru Amardas Ji
By G. S. Mansukhani, M.A., LL.B., Ph.D.

"Deep within the self is the light of God. It radiates through the expanse of God�s creation. Through the Guru�s teachings, the darkness of spiritual ignorance is dispelled. The hear lotus flower blossoms forth and eternal peace is obtained as one�s light merges with the supreme light."
Guru Amar Das

Guru Amardas

This book includes an introduction on the the Life and Teachings of Guru Amardas Ji.
He was "the honour of the Honourless, the Strength of the weak and the Home of the Homeless'.



1. Sri Guru Amardas

2. His Work and Personality

3. His Teaching and Philosophy

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