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The Saint - Soldier (Guru Gobind Singh)
The Saint - Soldier (Guru Gobind Singh)
by G.S. Sidhu,
G.S. Sivia,
and Kirpal Singh

"The Divine Guru hath sent me for religion's sake
On this account, I have come into the world;
Extend the faith everywhere
Seize and destroy the evil and sinful.
Understand this, ye holymen, in your minds
I assumed birth for the purpose of spreading the faith, saving the saints and extirpating all tyrants."
(Guru Gobind Singh)

The Saint - Soldier  (Guru Gobind Singh)

This book includes an introduction on the the Life and Teachings of Guru Gobind Singh.



1. Bala Pritham

2. A Noble Sacrifice

3. The Battle of Bhangani

4. The Birth of the Khalsa

5. The Miracle of Amrit

6. A Struggle

7. The Forerunner of the Red Cross

8. A Disaster

9. The Heroes of Chamkaur

10. Heroes of Sirhind

11. The Epistle of Victory

12. The Battle of Muktsar

13. The Seat of Learning

14. The Last Scene

15. The Master's Character

16. Extracts from Guru Gobind Singh's Writings


People have a genuine respect for a man who can stand up, be counted, do the job, and cheerfully accept the consequences. Such a man knows what to stand for. He is trusted. He has the will and skills to accomplish what he undertakes. He shows perfect poise in reverses, and magnanimity in triumphs, by acknowledging the victory as a gift of God.

His is the way of love-the concern, the involvement. He prepares himself for the task diligently, learns the skills, practices them, tests them and perfects them. When he feels that he is ready, he seeks the blessings of the Lord. Then, he has a complete faith in his successes, in his ultimate victory.

The life sketch of Guru Gobind Singh presented in this book is a blueprint for such a man. The reader will find that the Guru practised what he preached. He will find that the men who cared to follow his example came from all walks of life. He will find that the laws of love and truth are universal in nature, and, so are the laws of success and failure.

The authors, Mr. G. S. Sidhu, Mr. G. S. Sivia and Mr. Kirpal Singh deserve credit for the preparation of this book which is a labour of their love. Any reader is sure to benefit from the contents of this book, especially those who have a concern for another human being or, who simply have a craving for a happy and successful life.

Yuba City,
October 7, 1973

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