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The Guru's Way
The Guru's Way
By G. S. Sidhu,
G. S. Sivia,
and Kirpal Singh

"The whole world is saying, 'Mine, Mine;' Yet worldly wealth goes with no one. Man suffers because of worldly love; Death is on the watch for everyone; O Nanak, only those who remember God's name will be saved."
(The Holy Book of the Sikhs)

The Guru's Way

This book includes the accounts of the Sikh teachings as taught by the Ten Guru's.


1. The Guru's way

2. God's Will

3. Guru Angad and King Humayun

4. Service

5. Love for Hatred

6. Guru Amar Das and King Akbar

7. The Holy City of Amritsar

8. The Sikh Way of Life

9. The Jealous Brother

10. True Living

11. The Golden Temple

12. Bhai Kaliana

13. Martyrdom

14. Guru Arjan's Teachings

15. The Sikh Guru's

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