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Essays on Sikh Values
Essays on Sikh Values

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Drugs and Discretion

Drugs and Discretion

General - Problem

Drugs is the universal problem all over the world. Different countries deal with it in different ways. In the Arabian countries, a capital punishment for the drug-crimes is nothing strange. China is also very stiff in meting out the punishment for such crimes. There is democracy in the United States of America and the attitude towards drugs can be called not that harsh as to behead a person for drugs.

Drugs, sex, AIDS and murders, go hand in hand. Their graph is constantly on rise. Keeping an eye on the newspapers just for a week will show you the monstrous trend. Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drugs, and its corollaries mean an expenditure of billions of dollars annually. It is a real, major, very expensive, as well as rapidly spreading and serious problem. It has no regard for the age, sex, or country. The root of the problem lies with the individual and it is governed by Sangat - Law of Association. Guru Granth Sahib - the Sikh Holy Book, says -

sqsMgiq imil ibbyk buiD hoeI ]
sqsMgiq imil ibbyk buiD hoe ]
Sat.sangat.e mille bibaek budhe hoee
A good association sharpens wisdom
like philosopher's stone that turns iron into gold.


Association changes a man. The company of good people puts others on the right track. The right environment has to be created at home, at the place of education and in the area of avocation. Good friends are unsurpassed for the desired effect. If the parents are ideal, they will go a long way to keep their children on the right and safe track -
cMdn kY sMig qrvr ibgirE ]
so qrvru cMdnu hoie inbirE ]
cMdn kY sMig qrvru ibgirAo ]
so qrvru cMdn hoE inbirAo ]
Company of sandalwood changes other trees
And turns them into sandalwood!
About the bad association, Kabir says -
kbIr swkq sMgu n kIjIAY dUrih jweIAYy Bwig ]
bwsnu kwro prsAYy qa kCu lwgY dwgu ]
kbIr swkq sMgu n kIjIE dUrih jweEy Bwig ]
bwsnu kwro prsIE qau kCu lwgY dwg ]
Kabir sakat. sangu naa keejiaae d.ooreh jaaee-aae bhaag-e
Baasanu kaaro paraseeaae t.ou kachhu laagaae d.aag
Shun the bad guy, run away from him.
Holding the black pot will blacken you, sure.
To save our society from the influence of drugs, we should arrange to expose the people to the good association.

Sikh Congregation

The Sikhs get-together and pray in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib - their Holy Book, sing together the God's praise, and partake their food together in Langar - free community kitchen. This association, is highly valued and is considered as builder of the man, and it helps to keep him or her on the ethical path. This, in conjunction with the good environment, will keep the people away from drugs. Along with it, keeping the people creatively busy, may be by Nishkam Sewa - selfless (voluntary) service, and needed education, is necessary. The Gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship) will gladly extend their cooperation to help eradicate drugs. Sikhs are basically against drugs and their Guru's teaching is -
AMimRq kw vwpwrI hovY ikAw mid CUCY Bwa Dry ]
Am¡q kw vwpwrI hovY ikAw mid CUCY Bwau Dry ]
Amr;it. ka vaapaaree hovaae keaa mad.d.chhoochhaae bhaao dh:arae
What does he care for wine
Who trades in the nectar divine.
One who is in the search of a nobler life, shuns intoxicants, because the real intoxication is in chanting the name of God -
rwm rswieix jo rqy nwnk sc AmlI ]
rwm rsweix jo rqy nwnk sc AmlI ]
Raam rasaa-en.e jo rat.t.ay Naanak sach amlee
Immersed in the name of Lord,
Delve in the intoxicant true.
hoCw mdu cwiK hoey qum bwvr dulB jnmu AkwrQ ]
hoCw mdu cwiK hoE qum bwvr dulB jnmu AkwrQ ]
Hochha mad.d.u chaakhe hoaet.umm baavar janamu akaarath
You lose your head with wretched wine
And waste your this precious time.
The subtle and healthy influence of congregation, backed up by association with the good people, good role models at home, good friends, as well as constructive activities and education, is the real path of deliverance from drugs and related crimes. Just give it a fair trial! By attaching to God, goodness and courage to stand against drugs develops.
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