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An Outline of Sikh Doctrines
An Outline of Sikh Doctrines
by Principal Teja Singh


Rev. Bradshaw of U.S.A. wrote in Sikh Review, Calcutta, �Sikhism is a universal world faith with a message for all men... Sikhs must cease to think of their faith as just another good religion and must begin to think in terms of Sikhism being the religion of this new age.� Ms. Pearl Buck in her fore ward of the translation of the holy Sikh scriptures wrote, �Perhaps this sense of unity is the source of power I find in these volumes. They speak to persons of any religion or of none. They speak for the human heart and the searching mind.�
An Outline of Sikh Doctrines


  1. Mission of Human Life
  2. Uplift of Man based on Character
  3. The Guru
  4. Forms and Ceremonies

  5. The Path for World Peace
    What are they, Holy or Ignorant?
    Weapons of Violence
    Peace is here with us

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