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Amrit Ki Hain - The Meaning of Sikh Baptism
Amrit Ki Hain - The Meaning of Sikh Baptism

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Siddhis: The Occult Powers

Siddhis: The Occult Powers

KARTAR SINGH: Bhai Sahib! I came quietly fearing that you may not be disturbed, and greeted you softly in a whispering voice, and yet you feel disturbed.

AUTHOR: You think that only loud voice and speech can disturb me. Do you not believe that besides these outer senses of sight and hearing there is an inner intuition which can hear, see, and feel things much better. You have spoken about them from your own knowledge and experience.

KARTAR SINGH: I have seen many phenomenon in sleep and waking state, but I do not have the potency to use these powers. I do not possess Siddhis. This morning your comments on my recitation upset me greatly. I feel deeply hurt and I hope you will do something to heal the wounds, because no earthly physician can heal it.

AUTHOR: Thank God that He has graciously made you feel that besides outward physical and mental powers, there are within you spiritual and divine powers also. If the Guru has not bestowed these powers on you it is for your own benefit. You do not as yet deserve to have them. These divine powers are given to those who possess them and yet live humbly as human beings. They never misuse them. They are given to people who are tolerant, forgiving and helpful to others. People lacking these virtues get trapped in these occult powers and face misery and trouble. They cannot reap the fruit of true contemplation.

No one can achieve God,
By egoistic will power of any Yoga,
So many having exhausted themselves
Practising egoistically yoga asanas.
Donning the robes of some ascetic school,
They wander about searching,
Something other than God and they suffer.
The occult powers which they seek,
And for which they strive are low cravings.
Wherever there is such a craving,
Thee, the Name of God will not reside.?1
The occult powers,
And the powers to perform miracles,
Are unspiritual activities and tendencies.2
"In Sikhism, Siddhis and use of occult powers are types of attachments which must be discarded. People who indulge in them are so egoistically absorbed in them that the Name of God does not reside in their hearts". A devout and enlightened Sikh would never get involved in them.
The siddhas learn many asanas,
Their mind lustily craves for occult powers,
To perform miracles and acquire treasures.
They never acquire peace, contentment and satisfaction.
Peace and satisfaction are attained
By meeting the sages and contemplating the Name of God.3
Though thou art adept in Siddhis,
Endowed with occult powers,
And powers to acquire wealth;
Though thou can change thy shape,
And at will can be seen and become unseen;
Though men revere and adore thee.
Even so, Man, beware lest thou forget,
And remember not the Name of God.4
Consider one farmer who reaps some crops even before they are ripe, and either sells the unripe crops or feeds them to the animals. Consider another farmer who lets them become ripe and reaps a rich harvest and uses the grain wisely. Those who acquire Siddhis and use them before they are morally and spiritually mature are like the first farmer. Such people never come to the profounder experiences of contemplation of the divine Name, nor can they attain peace and contentment.

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